Please note that all 13 of our hand-crafted Soaps have their own exceptionally high levels of quality ingredients:

100% of all the ingredients are of natural origin.

(Only 95% are required by references)

Over 80% of all ingredients are from organic agriculture.

(Only 10% are required by references)

(If the water and clays used were also organic, 100% of the ingredients would be from organic agriculture.

However, minerals are never organically certified, but found at their best in natural form.)




Ingredients from organic agriculture

are marked with a * star on the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list,

referring you to the note “ingredients are produced by organic agriculture”.

The percentage of ingredients is clearly indicated on our labels.


Ingredients in French


has also chosen to use the list of ingredients in French as well as the international nomenclature.

We are proud of our ingredients,

and hope that our customers will also appreciate them!


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