It takes between 2 and 3 hours of work

to make only 1 kg of soap.


Saponification is the chemical reaction produced when you mix 3 basic ingredients:

fat + caustic soda (lye)* + water = Soap & natural Glycerine (~25%)

*Potassium soda (lye) is made from wood ashes.

This was replaced by sodium hydroxide (NaOh), over 150 years ago.

It has the enormous advantage of creating a very precise chemical reaction.


The saponification process modifies the basic molecules... nothing is lost, nothing is created….

The soap now contains no more lye!





We cut our Soaps in two different Sizes:

- the "Small" Soaps in slices or circles

- the "Maxi" Soaps in rectangles or circles.



Each Soap is then weighed individually.


The "Small" Soaps weigh at least 65 grams when cut

and the "Large" at least 115 grams.

The "Black Queen's Soap" is only produced in "X-Large",

each weighs at least 130 grams.


After a few months of drying, the excess water evaporates and they lose a few grams, should they desire...


Once the Soap has been dried and checked, it's almost ready for its Adventure..but not before it's wrapped and labelled.

Then it's all ready to leave its birthplace, the Crazy Workshop!



Each Soap is unique, with a specific shape,

but all are created with Love and Passion...


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