Only the highest quality, organic vegetable oils :

organic olive oil - organic coconut - organic colza oil - organic sunflower oil

organic avocado oil - organic argan oil - organic shea-butter

organic apricot kernel - organic castor oil - organic sweet almond



Too many soaps are made of tallow. We NEVER use animal fat, ugh...


Our Soaps are guaranteed without animal fats, without GMOs, without parabenes, without chemicals or conservation agents, without 0% chemicals!


Our soaps are scented with 100% natural essential Oils,

we never use synthetic perfumes.


Numerous plants produce essential oils which give them their scent.

Essential oils which are distilled are the quintessential soul of the plant.

They can help us fight infectious diseases, calm mild injuries, and be used for body and hair care.

They transmit their vitality, their energy and their vibrations to us...


Our soaps don’t contain just 0,0001% Essential Oils, but 2% Essential Oils.

We use ONLY Essential Oils


Gentle touch

We like to make them special,  with 100% pure clay,

organic milk, organic avocado oil, organic shea butter or

organic honey,

depending on our current favourites or the Recipe of the Day.


Vitamin Effect


We press our FRESH ingredients ourselves,

never using frozen or pre-pressed products.


Our recipes are always made

with fresh organic fruit and vegetables such as:

organic limes

organic, local black carrots

organic, local cucumbers

organic, local tomatoes

and even ORGANIC pineapple!




Loofah Effekt


Sometimes we sprinkle them with organic cereals,

organic grains or organic spices...



Moisturizzing Effekt


Our soaps are super rich, because part of the vegetable oils do not 

transform into soap (6 – 8 %).
Thus they are enriched with supernourishing agents, 

limiting the drying effect of soap,

which removes the skin’s natural protection.


No need for cream


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