At every Soap has its own mixture of oils, each weighed carefully...

All Soap recipes are are made in small quantities (7kg) to ensure the highest possible quality.

Each Soap therefore has its own Soul...


HERE is real soap,

Made by the "cold-process" saponification system.

This process does not use an industrial base, soap flakes or a soap extruder, which turns the industrial mixture into soap bars.

We use kitchen hand utensils to ensure high quality, making only small batches at one time.


We personally make the Soaps, in our small and crazy workshop in Valais/Switzerland.

 We use only the highest quality natural ingredients from suppliers in Switzerland: organic vegetable oils, organic essential oils and organic herbs.  

We guarantee that our soaps contain no petrochemical derivatives!


We choose only the best for our soaps.

All the soap ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

Price is no object!


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Swiss made